Waste prevention in generous cities

TL;DR: I am Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, a PhD researcher at the OpenDoTT project (Northumbria University / Mozilla Foundation) investigating waste prevention through collective practices of reuse in cities and regions. Read more about my research below, or refer to my research blog.


Open Research

I joined the OpenDoTT project in July 2019 to research smart cities and IoT from a perspective of open design and internet health. I am focusing on waste prevention as a means to engage critically with issues often absent from the smart cities narrative such as sovereignty, local agency and regeneration.

My specific focus is on collective practices of repair, upcycling and re-circulation, looking at their economic as well as social and environmental outcomes to local societies.

Over the course of these years I have developed a series of research activities in order to understand the reuse of materials from different perspectives, whilst engaging with practitioners, researchers and activists interested in themes such as circular economy, zero waste, platform cooperativism and commons-based stewardship.

You can find more information about my research in my research blog. At the moment (November 2021) I am preparing to collect all my documentation in a public wiki. When relevant, news will be posted to twitter.

The research is part of my PhD research in an EU-funded doctoral programme called OpenDoTT.